Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Looming Tragedy and an Ignored People

Typhoon Lionrock dropped almost 10 inches of rain in three days on areas of North Korea about two months ago and the devastating effects are coming into view.  Over 300,000 people have been displaced and the cases of children with water-borne illnesses has skyrocketed almost 500% from the lack of clean drinking water.

Latest information points to the potential of starvation from the destruction of crop fields and homes with the upcoming subzero winter setting in soon.

With over 600,000 people in this area now without clean drinking water and and lack of medical aid and nutrition, history seems to be repeating itself.  Back in the 1990's, the Hermit Nation experienced famine and starvation which was labeled, "The Arduous March."  Mismanagement by the government and a lack of Soviet support, along with floods and droughts, led to an estimated 3,500,000 people dying of starvation and malnutrition related illnesses out of a population of about 22,000,000.  For reference, the State of Texas is our second largest state by population with about 26,000,000.

Trying to help people in crisis who live under an oppressive, and militant government has many challenges, one being donor fatigue of people who think the aid won't actually reach the people it intends to help.  This is a valid concern as in the past, the socialist government has kept much of the aid themselves.

Even the International Red Cross has stated that the organization is having trouble raising funds to help the people of North Korea.  This is where small organizations are key.  The ability to adapt quickly and work directly with local hurting people is the primary reason small non-profit organizations like ours are able to be so effective in getting help to these suffering people.

My team is challenged with helping get food and medical assistance to the citizens of rural villages and offering temporary shelter during their long and harsh winter while they rebuild their houses.  We're also going in with water purification help to alleviate the urgent need of clean, fresh water to help stem the tide of illness in children.

Would you consider helping us?  All of your gifts are tax deductible and go directly to getting aid to the people who need it.

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