Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Back to North Korea

I've been invited to come back to North Korea, and I now have a matching financial sponsor.

This time I'm heading there on a mission of mercy, providing aid to a flood-stricken area. If I raise the money soon, I will join them in several weeks and fly over to begin the work.

Over the past month and a half, the northern areas of North Korea have experienced record setting rainfall and storms which have created flooding that has killed many and displaced over 85,000 people, many of them children.  More problematic are the crops that these floods have destroyed in a country that already has severe food shortages and massive amounts of hunger leading to sickness and starvation.

                           (North Korean citizens cleaning up after recent flooding. Photo: Reuters)

The recent nuclear detonation testing and new sanctions against North Korea have made it especially difficult for larger organizations to get aid into the hands of the people who need it most.  This is where small organizations with actual people who are already working in the country can help the most. And where your generous help can make a true and lasting impact.

Over the last couple of years I have been introduced to a few other Americans who also do work in North Korea. Some of these people have asked me to join them on a trip to deliver food and medical attention and some resources to help start rebuilding.

                              (Flooding in North Korea has affected thousands. Photo: CNN)

Please consider helping me raise the $13,000 needed to travel and buy supplies and medical aid to give out in the little village where my friends are working.

We've received permission from the North Korean government to buy food and aid in China and transport it to a local village where my friends work to help alleviate the current suffering.  I can't stress enough how beneficial it is to our work in building credibility and trust with local leaders and people by coming along side of them and helping them clean up and rebuild after this devastation.

Just this weekend I had a meeting with a family here in Evansville who have generously agreed to match any donations given towards this project up to $15,000.  This means that for every dollar you might give towards this mission, they will also give a dollar up to a total of $15,000.

I'm so very thankful that we can be used for good in this very difficult and closed country.  You can give below using our church's Paypal account with your credit/debit card/Paypal account or mail a check to our church address listed below. 

All of your donations are tax deductible and you will receive a contribution receipt in the mail from our church. (if you request tax credit)  If, instead of Paypal, you'd like to send a check, please make the check out to River City Community Church and mail to

     River City Community Church
     Attn: Rev. Bryce Palmer
     6500 A Interchange Rd S
     Evansville, Indiana, 47715

Thank you so very much for partnering with us.

Bryce Palmer
River City Community Church
AKA The River

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